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Integrated Ideas offers Research as a Service  to individuals, startups and corporates. If you have an idea, we have the resources, technology and experience to bring the idea to life. You keep the IP, we keep your goodwill. 

Research and development needs lot of different technologies, tools and resources. Research is time consuming and has varying degree of risk in execution.
We take away your worry by offering you integrated services from conceptualization, SDLC documentation, design, prototyping, testing, technical writing, publishing and anything that you need in your research.

Research Planning

Literature Review, Idea to proposal, Requirement Analysis, Feasibility Analysis, Probable Impact, Resource Requirement Analysis, Costing, Project Planning, Risk Analysis.


Business Logic, Complete Business use case implementation, Coding, PCB Services, Websites, Prototyping, Project Management, Agile Iteration, Progress Report, Milestone Assesment.


Testing, Analytics, Result Analysis, Comparitive Study, Compititive Analysis, Market Analysis, Impact Analysis, Brand Positioning Analysis, Technical Writing, Technical Publishing, Patent Writing.


Tools and Technology, Manpower, Social Network strategy, Digital Marketing Strategy, Positioning, Storytelling, Presentation, Pitching, Investor Connect, Technology Licensing Support, Large Scale Testing strategy.

Success Stories: Lyfas device

Check Lyfas health device and diagnostics

Lyfas is a mini clinical grade ECG. We helped Acculi Labs Pvt Ltd. to finish the design, development and testing of this product in record time.

Success Stories: Shankaram


Shankaram helps Kannada medium students to learn the English chapters by offering them downloadable Kannada translation of English chapters.

Success Stories: MapNews

Live Demo

Map news is a real time implementation of Hybrid Big Data Analytics where data from different sources is integrated in a meaningful way for making news reading a great experience.

What Our Clients Say

Research is difficult and comes with a lot of risk which may make an idea or project fail at any stage. We make it possible for our clients to execute their dream ideas with minimum risk and maximum satisfaction. Learn what some of our clients are saying about us.

“Integrated Ideas is one of the most efficient and cost effective companies out there to help your ideas to be implemented.  We are an investment support company for startups. The way they implemented our business backbone was amazing. Super team and services.”


“Doing research in India is really tough. We need so many different skills that it seems impossible to complete. Thanks to Integrated Ideas, I not only was able to complete my  thesis in time, but also the support improved my thesis quality a lot.”

Dr. Krishna Biswas

“When I was learning Data Science, I wanted to implement a small real time project. Thanks to integrated Ideas for their amazing support, I not only completed my project but got a job based on my work. Highly recommended for academic as well as real time projects for experience.”

Data Scientist







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