Depression of a well-established bachelor female clinician

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Depression of a well-established bachelor female clinician

June 2, 2019 Social Issues 0

Recently, I was sharing my coffee with my friend Dr. Rekha, an MD and a well-established practitioner.

She is 32, very charming and is single. In India, we find it our responsibility to encourage any established bachelor to get married. Keeping up to the trend and tradition I asked her “So why you are not getting married?” The conversation went on for nearly two hours. I am writing a short transcript of it.

-“I wanted to become a doctor and wanted to make my father proud. He sacrificed a lot to see me as a doctor. During my MBBS days, I was not serious about any relationship.” -“After MBBS, my parents started looking out for the groom. But I told them that I want to complete my masters first. Once I became MD, got a good job, I started looking for a life partner.”

-“It seems, most potential men are married well before their thirties, most are not ready to marry women past their thirties.”

-“I had set a high standard for my future life partner, but now I am okay to marry even a decent settled man. My father spends most times in matrimonial sites.”

-“My cousins are all married & moms. I feel very jealous when I see them in functions, so happy with their kids and family” -“I am feeling too lonely and depressed too often!”

Even though my friend’s frustration may appear one-off stories, silly, or even funny to few insensitive people, considering India is producing more female doctors today and considering that clinicians are already under tremendous pressure, if a large section of them gets affected by severe anxiety, do you not think that it needs a talk on the issue?

By and large, we have become a “blaming society”. We take pride in blaming anyone but ourselves for our misfortune. If part of the society has a problem, and if that is psychological, it is always better to address that at the beginning rather than allowing it to become a trend.

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