Is reservation in education more disadvantageous than advantages?

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Is reservation in education more disadvantageous than advantages?

June 2, 2019 Social Issues 0

Reservation is simply a way to never allow SC/STs to get over misery. That’s why not many people complain about it!

The reservation allows a student with a lesser score in competitive exams to get admissions into good institutions. But due to the gap of work and knowledge required between a reservation student and a general merit student, the reservation student invariably slows down in career. You can get a degree with reservation, but excellence has no reservation. Unfortunately, the cruel cut-throat competition will only reward hard work and professional excellence acquired through it.

So an SC/ST student aided by reservation falsely believes that he deserves what he gets, which leads to a lack of willingness to put up the extraordinary effort needed for professional excellence. Hence they have a decent career, but not an exceptional one which would help uplifting next generation.

Say, a reservation is rolled out in cricket. SC/ST batsman can be bowled only by a class VIII student in Ranji trophy. He will remain in Ranji trophy, making a decent living. But the class VIII bowler by bowling to stronger batsmen will become stronger and have a higher chance of playing in IPL, making 1000s of times more money than the reservation player.

So, if you are a general merit student, you have nothing to get frustrated at. The stiffer the competition, the more probability of better life you have going ahead.

For SC/ST parents, if you want to see your child successful, do not attach any caste certificate. Let them compete hard.

My engineering roommate Manoj Yadav’s parents never attached a caste certificate. Manoj is holding a top post in TATA Motors. Many of his relatives who had educational reservations are working under contractors with temporary employment in his department.

Remember one thing in life. You should never ever give the easy opportunity to your child. Make it as hard as possible for him to be successful. If you are a general merit student, have fun because the government is killing your future competition through the reservation. If you are an SC/ST student, be really worried that in the name of reservation, the government is snatching away your chance of professional excellence.

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