Set rules for parenting, both for yourself and kids, and follow them religiously

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Set rules for parenting, both for yourself and kids, and follow them religiously

June 3, 2019 Parenting 0

One of you asked me in a message to elaborate on the rules I followed for parenting.
Here are eleven rules I make Rupansh, my eight years old son follow religiously.
1) To bed at 9.30 PM, off to bed at 6 AM.

2) Laptop usage max 1 hour for the game.

3) No game with any forms of violence like shooting/car crash/robbery.

4) No Mobile.

5) No TV.

6) Youtube only science, space, DIY, History channel max 1 hour.

7) No Bollywood song/dance/movie of any sort.

8) Outside home between 5-7 PM, play with friends.

9) No outside food/ junk food of any sort. No samosa/dosa/pizza/burger. No cold drinks.

10) Earn(Clean car, garden maintenance, glossary shopping, excel data entry) and deposit 500/- minimum every month in the bank.

11) Got bored? Read a book. No malls, no movie theatre.

Here are the rules I make myself follow as a constitution.

1) 30-60 minutes workout together in the morning. (Cycling/ walking/running/exercise)

2) One story a day.

3) One hour of teaching(mostly maths and science)

4) NO LAPTOP/MOBILE while with him.

Other than that, some talks, light moments, driving him around, building things together.

I lot of whatever little I have achieved in life is due to the amount of quality time my grandparents spent with me, the discipline that I had to be in, the stories my grandfather told me every day, the goal that my grandmother set for me for every month. My grandmother taught me that success is the best way of recreation. You don’t need to get high by external entertainment. Enjoy what you do and get entertained when you taste success in what you do. I try to follow the same philosophy.

Stories, Aim, Ambition, Hunger to win, discipline in life, creativity and absolute relentless persuasion of a goal without any exception, high empathy, care for the larger society around you rather than thinking “what is in it for me”, building a strong character are some of the targeted goals I follow.
You may set your own set of rules based on your philosophy and beliefs in life, but it is absolutely important to follow them.

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