An alternative model for medical education

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An alternative model for medical education

June 4, 2019 Social Issues 0

Can we bring more quality to the medical education and give more fare chance to underprivileged but talented students? Here is an alternative model that we can think of.

Why not scrap the MBBS course itself, along with SSLC and PUC?

1. Once one cross-age 15 and is inspired to take on medicine, should search for a guru, a doctor who will train them.

2. The guru can select those he thinks has the fire to become a good doctor. A master in his field doesn’t need entrance, he can identify talent even at the roads.

3. These guys then train under a guru for 7 years, reading, learning, improving, mastering the skill of medical science. Most of our civilization has thrived with 7 students for 7 years under a skillful master way of education. Many of those joins will not able to continue, but will end up learning some paramedical skills. The top will progress, will collaborate and compete with each other and will become good.

4. After 7 years, all these students from different gurus attend one common exam(if at all India can’t live without this laughing stock called exams), and become doctors. In this way, if 20 lakh doctors can produce 3 gems each year, we get 60 lakh doctors a year and many paramedics.

5. Medical colleges with donations, reservations, and fees gone, students after becoming doctor pay gurus 25% of their income for 7 years.

A win for all, including India.

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