How do entrepreneurs end up being solepreneurs?

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How do entrepreneurs end up being solepreneurs?

June 4, 2019 Business Self Actualization 0

1. “By being an entrepreneur you can be your own boss, work for yourself” is a common notion a lot of people enter into the business world.

2. We always learn from school that mistakes will be penalized. Hence, when new to the business, entrepreneurs want to make sure that there are absolutely no mistakes and put forward themselves.

3. Because, he/she is the most charming/energetic/passionate and presumably knowledgable person, early adopting clients are happy to work with the founder. When other team members are put forward, clients feel that they are cheated and the best is not with them. So the founder feels obliged to be the man/woman.

4. With little success, the person becomes the brand and going back becomes impossible.

5. As the founder is now the company, he has no time for planning, work distribution, and the team. He thinks, “let me stabilize the business first, then will get others involved.”

6. By now, the team feels “jobless” and are looking for other opportunities. Few even have fun as they are paid, but founders are working for them.

7. Finally, the founder thinks he is doing everything, and no one else is taking any responsibilities. Why pay others when I only have to work?

And finally, all the above phenomenon in sequence leads to a team with mostly founder as the coder, marketer, customer care executive, accountant and eventually end up being a solepreneur.

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