Are you a nice person and yet hated?

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Are you a nice person and yet hated?

June 5, 2019 Self Actualization 0

Do you consider yourself to be a nice person who helps others? But, do you often wonder why people hate you even though your advice benefits people?

You may be giving too many free advises to too many people. Never ever advise anyone if they have not exclusively asked for (Even if the person is wrong and you care for him/her).

Here is why.

By nature, we want to help people. But remember, by nature, we also want to accept ourselves. By advising someone you give an indication that the person’s current action is incorrect. By advising you try to prove your knowledge. For others, your advice is an indication that they are wrong somewhere.

Also, if by some chance(once in a million chance) the person follows your advice, if that brings success, you will get no credit.No one will give of their success to your advice (unless the success is really small like someone finding a corner seat in a boring movie).

However, If the advice failed(even smallest), you will be blamed for the failure for eternity. So if you really can’t get over your advising urge when you are about to deliver the free advise, repeat in your mind “My free advises will hurt me in future”. Repeat it now. Those of you reading this with purpose will change. Others who are angry by the post confirm the theory.

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