How to answer “what you do?”

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How to answer “what you do?”

June 5, 2019 Communication Self Actualization 0

You must remember that nobody actually cares to know or talk about you. People only care about themselves.

So this question must be interpreted as “do you do anything interesting that can make my life easy?” In 3 seconds you have to draw their interest. Use humor+mystry, add one keyword from your profession to effectively answer this.

So, a startup founder can answer “I grow money with my brain and network”. Or “I put money in my brain, more money comes out.” or “I have a tree that grows money“.

An electrician may say “I help you to see better.”(by fixing electrical lines and making sure that bulbs get current).

A teacher may answer “I am a shortcut to success!” ( converts data from the book into concise information so students understand faster).

A banker may say “I bring more interest”.

The chemist may say “I get crazy when I don’t get a reaction.”

A coder may say “I am a master in a language that nobody talks”(because it’s a computer language).

A photographer may say “I make others envy of you in your photo”. or “I make you more beautiful than you actually are”.

You can think on the above lines. Do not be boring and predictable.

For a cardiologist, “I take care of your heart so that you can take care of your love!”

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