How to become a good listener?

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How to become a good listener?

June 5, 2019 Communication Self Actualization 0

If you wonder why people do not like you as much as you think they should, then you are probably not a good listener.

You can use RAANSA model.

Receive:– try to repeat the words of the speaker in your mind.

Attention:– Pay attention to emotions, voice, posture.

Acknowledge:– Nod your head as you listen and understand.

Notes:– Take notes, (in a writing pad or dairy)

Summarize:– Once completed, summarize and interpret. Ask:- confirm what you have understood by asking, or if not understood, ask a followup question. Do not use a mobile while in a conversation. One who is talking less is dominating the conversation.

If you have the habit of talking too much during a conversation, if you interrupt the speaker too much, then writing “Listen” on the right side top corner of your writing pad or diary will help you to focus on listening to a great deal.

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