How to get a job easily?

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How to get a job easily?

June 5, 2019 Jobs 0

in 1974, Sociologist Mark Granovetter had done a fascinating study with the above name. He took detailed interview of several hundred professionals and technical workers from Boston and asked them in detail about their employment history.

This is how people got their job. 18.8% formal means like headhunting, advertisement 20% applied directly. But 56% through a personal connection. Among the 56% who got a job through their personal connection, only 16.7% saw their contacts often, 55.5% saw their contacts occasionally and 28% saw their contact rarely.

In summary, more often or not people get a job not often through friends but mostly through acquaintances.

The term Granovetter coined was “power of weak ties”. If you are looking for a job, one of the strategies that you may follow is starting knowing a lot of people, remain connected with them occasionally but remain interested in them permanently, help people and ask for help.

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