How to give your opinion/advise?

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How to give your opinion/advise?

June 5, 2019 Self Actualization 0

How many times has it happened to you that you wanted someone’s opinion but when you got their honest opinion you felt bad from within?


1)You- “How am I look?” HonestOpinion “You need to lose weight dear.”

2)You- “Look what a wonderful piece of software I have written!” HO “The design looks so stupid. Improve design.”

3)You- “How is the blog that I wrote today?” HO-“Please improve your English, it looks amateurish.”

I am sure that even reading the above statements will make you uneasy. So why it happens? Psychology studies say that “when people ask for an opinion, they do not want the truth. They want to support and confirmation.”

Here is a simple model:

Start with appreciation, embed your opinion as to their opinion, end with a projection of the outcome of it. Ex: 1) You look amazing. Are you losing weight? Then you would look gorgeous. 2) Very well written. Are you working on grammar also? Because this one looks better than the last one. 3)Wow! The software looks pretty cool.

Then embed the advice as a question to the person with a possible positive outcome.

Are you also planning some design changes? Then this will be a masterpiece.

Your success is not the opinion, but the change it can bring!

Always avoid giving opinion if not exclusively asked for!

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