Opposite to “love” is not “hate”, it is “don’t care”.

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Opposite to “love” is not “hate”, it is “don’t care”.

June 5, 2019 Self Actualization 0

There are always “because” associated with hate. but There are no “because” associated with “don’t care”.

So if you hate your job, life, partner, environment or anything, it simply means that you care about them but do not like the way they are.

The good thing is when you care about something and understand your expectations, you can fix them. For example: If you are planning to switch a job because you hate traveling in traffic for four hours every day, then you do not have a problem with the job, you could love your job if the traffic aspect was taken out.

If you hate your partner because she always argues, then you dislike the argument, not your partner. You care your partner and wish that she argued less.

When you do not care anymore about the person you are living with or people who are around you or the job you are in or the things you are doing then you are very much done with it. Move on and find people, jobs, things that you care about.

Here, care means anything that brings out strong emotions in you: joy, sadness, worries, smile, sorrow, aspiration.

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