Practical and Simple Method to Get Rid of Depression Attacks and Negative Emotions.

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Practical and Simple Method to Get Rid of Depression Attacks and Negative Emotions.

June 5, 2019 Self Actualization 0

If you get depression “attacks” and go into an infinite loop where negative emotions keep filling your mind and if you find yourself not in control, helpless to deal with it, then here is a practical simple three-step solution for you that will benefit you and will help you get over it.

It happens many a times to me when I would think about a past event or a person, and constant thought about how the person betrayed me, how I was disrespected, cheated everything starts pouring in the mind. I start feeling lonely, pained, sad and would remain in isolation in that state. I am sure many of you have had situations in your life that takes you to such states.

I always wanted to find a solution to this problem of how to disassociate myself from such negative emotion attacks. Here is my 3 step practical guide that has helped me and I promise you that if you follow will help you immensely.

Step 1: Identify

When you are starting to have this depression, do not avoid it. Let the emotion go through your body. Do not resist it. Resistance to negative emotions amplifies it. ( The more you want to not think about something, you will more strongly think about it).

Step 2: Aware

Once the event is over, write down the reason, exact feelings, other thoughts and read them. It brings awareness to your conscious mind because depression is a function of unconscious mind. By writing and reading about how your unconscious mind affected you emotionally, you are making your conscious mind to be aware next time.

Step 3: Prevent- Feel the current reality

It is simple. When the thought has started to come, your mind now will warn you. So all you do is, start observing things around you and tell yourself for example:

a) wow I have five fingers

b) wow the fan at the top has three blades

c) the fan is brown color

d) this glass has cone shape, it can hold tea, coffee 

e) Wow the window is rectangular. I can see a road which is black.

Anything random, but anything that you are seeing, hearing(not feeling). By bringing your focus to things around you and with the knowledge that you have every chance of going to depressed state now, it will take 3-5 minutes for you to get over.

Do not be a slave of depression, you can and should defeat it.

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