Sell me this pen! How to sell a pen with an emotional projection method?

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Sell me this pen! How to sell a pen with an emotional projection method?

June 5, 2019 Business Communication Jobs 0
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How a young street hawker sold me this pen?

Yesterday my cab got stuck in a signal and traffic was literally standstill. I saw many poor hawkers selling different things, from cleaning cloths to huge size balloon. A young boy(must be 12 to 14 years old) came near my cab window. He was selling this tall pens.

“Sir, would you like to buy one?”

“Sell me this pen” has been a legend sales interview question for ages. So I thought, let me see how a seller who is actually selling this pen sells it to me. Traffic is not moving any sooner and I am not buying one. I showed the boy pen in my blazer pocket and told I already have one.

-“Sir, this is just a ten rupees investment which will fit exactly in that laptop bag of yours” pointing towards the bag which was kept between the seats.

I said “maybe! But I don’t need one, I have a pen in that bag also.

“Sir imagine “when you go home late and your kid comes to you, you ask him to close his eyes, take his tender hand to a laptop bag and ask him to find his gift. It will be like magic, the moment he takes out the pen, there will be a smile in his face which will make you so happy that it will make your day. Only 10 rupees for such happiness sir.”

And he paused. And he sold me the pen at 1000% profit.

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