What are the best practices for a Linkedin resume?

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What are the best practices for a Linkedin resume?

June 5, 2019 Education Jobs 0

Here are some proven tricks and best practices that will help you to get better mileage and visibility for your LinkedIn CV or resume.

1. Length:Get the Linkedin CV shrunk to one page, with a link to detailed CV.

2. Experience: Clearly state past roles right at the top as a measurable contribution to the past companies. Like “I helped Guardian World Health LLP to increase health audit efficiency by 20% in my 3 years with them”.

3. Awards: Immediately after the experience, mention awards and recognition like: “TCS award” and all that.

4. Strength: Mention strength that gives you an edge over the others like “Ability to work in foreign teams in foreign locations to (whatever good you do there that others don’t) like I accompanied Wipro team to the USA etc.

5. Education: Some summary.

6. Conclusion: Finally a bold promise and definite goal:- I am looking to work with your healthcare company/or whatever so that I can help you resolve your support tickets faster(or whatever) Quickly let people know, who should know your resume. Quickly let people know what they get from you. Quickly let people know why should they believe that they would get what you promise(past work).

Be bold to let the audience know that you are looking for a job, not because you need it but because you want to help the one who will give you the job. All the best.

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