What do you say after you say hello to your client?

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What do you say after you say hello to your client?

June 5, 2019 Business Communication 0

In this post, I will give you a winning strategy that would help you to win sales by controlling the conversation with your client.

Many times, you may have a script which you might want to just speak out before you forget or a word. Usual sales pitch may be: “Hi, I am X. We are into product P, which has feature F, it will solve your 123 problems and help you to achieve ABC”.

The problem with this model is that you really do not know what your client wants, what are his problems, why would he want to opt for your product and more importantly if he has to invest money in your product, why would he do that? You may pitch a wrong proposition to the client if you know nothing about his needs and aspirations. A better way to start a conversation is asking a simple question “What motivated you to have this meeting today?”

It works because, with this question you are making your client speak up. As he speaks up, you take note of what he is saying, paying full attention to his words, emotions, aspirations, and concerns. Once he ends, thank him for explaining his needs and goals. Now project your product as a solution to his needs.

He will not feel that he is sold a product he didn’t need but would aspire to buy something he always wanted.

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