What is the difference between Gossip and Rumors?

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What is the difference between Gossip and Rumors?

June 5, 2019 Communication Self Actualization 0

A rumor is an unverifiable fact about a situation which is in circulation. Rumors circulate through an active group to make sense of uncertainty.

Gossips, on the other hand, are often about a person or a group and a situation in a conversation. Gossips can be verified and do not circulate. When the gossip leaves the conversation and becomes part of another conversation, it becomes a rumor.

Gossips are not in circulation and they are not for making a sense about a situation.

For instance, when you tell your friend “You know, Ruhi is getting too close to her boss these days!” – That’s gossip.

It is verifiable if one asks the boss and Ruhi. When your friend tells this to his friend she would think in her mind “That’s why she is getting more projects now!”.

“Why Ruhi is getting more project” is an uncertainty. Now the message you started makes sense of this and your message will become a rumor. It will circulate like fire in your office and become a rumor because nobody will dare to verify from the boss.

The more people you hear the rumor from, the more it appears as a truth to you. It also appears truth when group leader spreads it. “Buy on Rumor and Sale on News”- popular retail stock trading principal.

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