About Us

A Research as a Service Company

Integrated Ideas was registered on 19.7.2017, to solve the problem of lack of structured research services in India. The company was established to offer Research as a Service(RaaS) to individuals and corporations. The core business of the company is to offer all the required resources, technology, manpower, tools and platforms that are needed for an idea to see the light of the day.


Though the company is new, it’s seeds were sown way back in 2003 after Rupam Das passed out the college and started blogging with this name. In 2010, the website was registered, and several blogs and tutorials are published since then.

As the tutorials and blogs became popular, more inquiries regarding small and large projects kept coming which was not feasible to execute unofficially. Therefore after decade long association with the name, the founder decided to incorporate the name as an entity and start formal business under it.

What we do

The firm essentially offers research projects for individuals, startups and small and medium scale industries which enables them to convert ideas into working product in a structured way.


Integrated Ideas is a revenue generating self sustained company with 100% annual growth observed last year.

As soon as the company started R&D, it has developed several algorithms and products especially in the fields of Biometrics, Robotics, Embedded System, Computer Vision, Image Processing, wireless networking, signal processing, business applications, biomedical and so on.

Our major clients are individuals with ideas who wants to turn the idea into a venture or publish research article on the idea, small startups who needs technology and support to develop their applications and ideas fast, established businesses who are looking for online space.


We want to become the market leader in RaaS domain which is relatively new and yet has tremendous potential for creating and growing an ecosystem.