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4 Step Scientific Strategy to help your child deal with bullying better.

My son’s reduced interest in socializing My son Rupansh is seven year old. He socializes a lot, makes a lot of friends. He loves to play with friends, cooperate and make things with them. I am writing this post after I observed some disturbing patterns in his group and extreme emotional reaction of him afterwords.…
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June 5, 2019 0

Set rules for parenting, both for yourself and kids, and follow them religiously

One of you asked me in a message to elaborate on the rules I followed for parenting. Here are eleven rules I make Rupansh, my eight years old son follow religiously. 1) To bed at 9.30 PM, off to bed at 6 AM. 2) Laptop usage max 1 hour for the game. 3) No game…
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June 3, 2019 0